ProXL Propelling Aerosol Range

ProXL Pic

ProXL has been an industry leader in spray paint supplies for years with its revolutionary Vari-Nozzle technology and innovations in 2k clear coat and 2k paint aerosols. ProXL developed the Vari-nozzle, giving you full control over the spray pattern for a great experience and final paint finish.

These solvent-based spray paints eliminate the need for a compressor or spray gun, seamlessly combining convenience and quality. 

Our ProXL paint range also covers vital industrial and automotive coatings such as 1k lacquer, corrosion protection paint, and 2k primer filler.  ProXL aerosols cover every application for car bodywork resprays and industrial metal coating from start to finish. This includes paints for plastic, aluminum, galvanized, steel, and alloys. From corrosion protection to a high-gloss, perfect car paint job, all your supplies are here! 

You can even offer your customers a colour-matched aerosol paint mixing service while they wait. The ProXL paint mixing bank is perfect for DIY stores, industrial coating suppliers, and automotive supply shops.