Our New Paint Mixing Bank!

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Professional Solvent-Based Paint In Your Perfect Colour!

Now any paint store can offer supplies of professional paint in any colour, with the Promix Eclipse mixing system.

Continuously innovating in paint supplies, Westco Tones are the authorised distributor for the revolutionary Promix Eclipse paint mixing bank in Trinidad & Tobago. Installing this mixer bank in your paint shop allows you to offer high-performance solvent-based paint to match any colour that your client chooses. The mixing unit is supplied along with colour swabs and the correct formulations for quickly matching over 100,000 colour tones in high-quality, UV-resistant paint.

Performance Paint For Any Surface

The Promix paint colours are designed for auto-refinish bodywork, making them all-weather paint, resistant to UV fading, and exceptionally durable. Not only does this make them great for cars, pick-up trucks, forklifts, and outdoor machinery but they’re also suitable for use on most plastics, wood,  marine finishes and building materials such as stone or concrete when using a suitable primer. This opens so many more opportunities, from home décor to paint touch-ups and repairs. In fact, savvy creatives across Trinidad are using Promix Eclipse paint from Westco Tones for countertops; from solid gloss colours to a marbling effect paint, these present a lower-cost, long-lasting alternative to natural marble table tops and kitchen worktops.

On-Going Support And Training For Paint Shops And Suppliers

The innovation and capabilities of the Promix Eclipse mixing bank is fully maximized by Westco’s aftersales service in ongoing technical and marketing support. From staff training to exciting product launch marketing events, businesses across the Island that invest in this cutting-edge paint technology can rely on Westco’s knowledgeable, hands-on support to ensure they maximize the return they get.

The Right Colour, In The Right Size

The many different painting tasks and projects that Westco Tone’s paints are used in vary greatly in size and scope. Some clients serve industrial coating companies who spray Eclipse paint onto full truck bodies, whilst others specialize in small touch-up resprays to scratched or dent-repaired metalwork. For those doing large, or frequent paint jobs, it often makes sense to have a compressor and spray-gun set up, whereas bespoke filled ‘spray bomb’ aerosols remove the need for special equipment, so are handy for convenience.

Westco Tones supply paint for use and DIY in aerosol spray bombs. This is chosen for speed and simplicity of set-up. You can shake a spray bomb (aerosol spray can), finish the spray job and be out liming, all in the time it would take to clean a spray gun down. Eclipse spray-paint cans use highly advanced adjustable nozzles, so you can still get spray gun-like professional results.

For those DIY or smaller professional paint jobs, Eclipse pre-gassed aerosols and paint tints supplied by Westco Tones present an excellent opportunity for paint suppliers to make their own colour-matched spray bombs (aerosol paint cans) on demand.

The Promix Eclipse mixing bank can handle any paint tin size from 1ltr to bulk 5ltr. Each tint on the mixing bank if fitted with a dispensing lid and internally geared mixing blades. With this capability, it makes it easy to supply accuracy in dispensing pigmented tones. This level of dosing accuracy, along with the colour chip swatches is especially valued by those needing to match up a spot, repair, re-paint and/or blend to existing auto body panels.

Speak to Westco Tones today and discover what the Eclipse paint mixing bank could do for your business growth and your customers.